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The Albany Theatre Trust
53 Butts CV1 3BH Coventry England
Written by Alexandra Johnson
Directed by Ross B Simpson

The apprentices and engineers who fuelled Coventry’s remarkable growth to become the centre of car manufacturing and engineering nearly all set foot in the college at some point and passed through its auspicious doors and Art Deco marble foyer.
For some, the theatre behind that foyer might have been overlooked but for others, there was a moment either onstage or backstage when something changed...
Join us as we explore the remarkable story of the apprentices who dared to dream, downing their spanners and hammers to become the most magnificent chorus of the past eight decades of apprentices.
Let them tell you how it was and how it is now. Their story is embellished by the ghost of the theatre and our ensemble of incredible modern-day apprentices and community cast.

Apprentices' is part of Spon Spun Festival, celebrating story-telling and Spon End, a historic suburb, and a hidden gem in Coventry.